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Buying A Smartphone: Is Contract Better?

A decade ago, buying a smartphone used to be a straightforward business. These days are quite different. With telco wars in full swing, hunting for the best smartphone deal has become imperative because let’s face it, not everyone can afford to cough up such amounts upfront.

Is it better to commit to a contract, though? We’re going to weigh the pros and cons of both, and you can make up your mind from there. Let’s use Digi’s postpaid plans for reference, but you can apply the same logic to other providers really.

What’s a postpaid plan about?

This means that you’ll commit to a contract, usually between 12 to 24 months, to acquire the smartphone of your choice. You will have to pay a standard sum of money every month until the expiration of your contract, and then you’re free to adjust your mobile plan as you wish.

Digi Postpaid
Digi has Samsung Note8, iPhone X, and so much more in store.

However, this is not a mere installment plan. The sum that you pay every month is basically the postpaid plan that is tied in with the device, so you’re not paying “empty calories” here. You’ll get a bundled service of calls, texts, and internet data.

The good

Do not be afraid of commitment because in this case, it can actually be beneficial to you. You get to own the smartphone of your dreams, and enjoy a host of value-added features!

Some perks offered by Digi include:

  • Non-stop internet on weekends
  • Up to 25GB of internet on weekdays
  • Free roaming in 10 countries*

These are all subject to the postpaid plan you pick, of course.

The bad

You’ll be stuck with Digi for the contracted period of time, but that doesn’t sound so bad. Yes, you would still have to pay a partial sum for the smartphone upfront, but it’ll be manageable. Just think how long you’re going to have to wait and save up until you can afford it retail otherwise.


Why burden yourself when you can take the load off your shoulders? So yes, signing up for a postpaid plan to get your smartphone is definitely the way to go.

Are you searching? Visit Digi’s official website to find out more about their postpaid plan here:

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