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A Guide To Assessing Car Insurance Online

The internet is your best friend

Finding the best car insurance policy is tedious, and you want to be especially particular with the one you choose because hey, it’s a long-term commitment. The common way is to engage agents, enquire direct, or utilise the MYEG service. These methods are alright and you do get the face-value of what’s presented to you, but you wouldn’t actually know if you’re getting the best deals or the short end of a stick.

You need to research and compare all the car insurance policies out there, but it seems like such a momentous task that you just don’t know where to begin. You can accomplish more online by checking for policies, price, types of coverage, and customer reviews. Read on to further understand why the internet is the way to go:


Car Insurance

Car insurance policies are readily accessible online. You will be exposed to a multitude of choices, with each provider vying for your attention by way of attractive offers, discounts, and added value.


You won’t have to make laborious trips to the office, meet up with agents and entertain their sales pitch, nor make phone calls to learn about policies. You can literally do it all at the comfort of your own home. Plus, with so many websites that conduct free comparisons for you, narrowing down on a policy should really be a breeze.

Lower rates

Buying your car insurance policy online is almost always cheaper. The primary reason is that the agent’s commission is omitted when you buy direct, so the company’s cost is reduced, thus being able to offer you policies at a lowered price. Why wouldn’t you take advantage of that?


This should be the second most important part of your research. Insurance companies have full control over the testimonials on their website and social media accounts, so looking up comments and customer reviews online from various sources should give you a good indication as to whether a company is trustworthy or not. Believe me, this is one homework you’ll want to do to save yourself from lots of headache down the road.


In our opinion, AIG offers the best value in car insurance nationwide. They’ve even won “Best Automotive Claims Management Service” by the Motordata Research Consortium (MRC). What are you waiting for? Visit AIG Malaysia’s official website here:

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