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Reasons Why Wagyu Beef Is So Expensive

Wagyu beef is easily one of the most expensive options you can have at an established steakhouse. It is incredibly robust in flavour, and thus the preferred choice of many because of its intense marbling and rich fat content.

Wagyu cattle require extraordinary care. They are slaughtered and sold at a high price so that farmers are able to recuperate the costs incurred to raise them.

Let’s dive into further detail!

Marble quality

Wagyu beef is prized for its marbling; higher marbling equates to stronger flavours. It is such a prevalent benchmark in the industry that most steakhouses look to its marble score to determine its grade worldwide.

Steakhouse in KL

Health benefit

While being absolutely delicious, Wagyu beef also yields unique health benefits. It possesses a higher ratio of monounsaturated meat, essential fatty acids, and good cholesterol compared to other commercial beef that flood the market.

High cost to raise

It’s no secret that raising Wagyu cattle is demanding business. Farmers ensure that they receive individual care and strive to provide an optimal environment so that the cattle live a happy and pampered life.

Wagyu cattle are put on a diet of high-quality grains, forage, and vegetable protein. There isn’t a known universal recipe for feeding Wagyu cattle, but every farmer will agree that it is a highly crucial element indeed.

Wagyu cattle are allowed to grow and gain weight in their own time without the use of chemicals and hormones. This enables them to outlive their conventional cousins by two years, so farmers have to wait longer before getting returns on their investment.


If you are not averse to beef, you have to try Wagyu steak at some point in your life. Marble 8 imports premium certified-halal Wagyu beef from Australia and boasts a magnificent vantage point from the 56th floor of the Petronas Tower. Visit to find out more.

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