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Romantic Date Ideas: A Day in Preview

Once in a while, everyone needs time off. Time for themselves, and time together as partners in a relationship. To reconcile the ‘spark’ in your relationships, it is highly encouraged to treat your partner once in a blue moon. Be goofy, do something that will foster the growth of your relationship- a little truly goes a long way. Anniversary? Birthdays? Or just a day out? We have got you covered!

Rise and shine

Want to be immersed in serenity and be calmly submerged by the forces of nature? Go up to the nearest local park or hiking treks to go on a morning hike! Not only will your skin be exposed to the balmy sunlight but you will also stock up on plenty of Vitamin D3 which is remarkably beneficial to feed your skin.

Romantic Date Preview

Go for a morning workout- hit the gym if you want something intense or instead, go for a Zumba class to get your adrenaline sky-high and to boost your energy to propel you through the day. After sweating gallons, be sure to supplement your body appropriately with fresh, succulent food. Go to the nearest cafe to feed your stomach with delectable dishes.

During the day

Find a common interest between both parties. There are so many things you could pick- with an endless diversity of choices and options around you. Cheap or expensive, totally up to your budget. What matters is not where you go but the meaningful bond you form with your significant other.

Romantic Date Preview

If the both of you have an urge to let your voices flow and scream your lungs out, a karaoke may be the perfect fit. If you are leaning towards a chill day out, you could visit your nearest shopping mall for bowling or ice skating. As you can tell, the choices are abundant and you can literally do anything you desire!


After a long day out, all you envision to do is to cuddle with your significant other. But hold on, don’t forget dinner! If you want to have a panoramic view of the entire of KL, visit Marini’s on 57’s rooftop bar via – clench hands and order your individualized cocktail to complement your night and to end your night cheering to a new page of your relationship. If you’re not a fan of cocktails, fret not, you can visit their Italian Restaurant for a classic Italian Pizza, or seafood even!

Fine Dining in KL


There are so many ventures you can visit during your dates, switch it up and try something new each time!

Check out this wedding anniversary celebration video by Mary Jane Tauyan at Marini’s on 57!

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